Positive Touch Footskills (Ages 9-14)


Classes at both locations begin Sunday, September 8.

  • The last class in Fairfax will be October 20. There will be no skipped weeks at this location.
  • The last class in McLean will be October 27. There will be no class on October 6, but there will be class on Columbus Day weekend.


Class & Ages

Day & Time





Positive Touch Footskills

(ages 9-14)

Sundays 2:00 - 3:00pm

September 8-October 20 (no skips)

Gesher Jewish Day School

4800 Mattie Moore Ct., Fairfax

Positive Touch Footskills

(ages 9-14)

Sundays 5:15 - 6:15pm

September 8-October 27 (skip Oct. 6)

St. Luke Catholic School

7005 Georgetown Pike, McLean


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single dribble. And undeniably, the most important skill of soccer is touch.

Positive Touch help players master their "Touch" on the ball. This kind of touch quality means there is no soccer skill a player cannot learn. Positive Touch lays the foundation to every dribbling move, every pass, and every kind of shot. The camp is designed to give players thousands of touches on the ball as well as to teach creative moves and footwork. Players equipped with soft touch on the ball and quality dribbling skills undoubtedly improves player confidence and makes them better players.


  •     Helps to become a finesse, crafty and creative player.
  •     Learn new moves, faints and tricks.
  •     Develop great 1 vs. 1 skills.
  •     Master individual dribbling skills in a group setting.
  •     Improve first touch on the ball.
  •     Enhance the ability to play with both feet.
  •     Develop soccer-related cognitive skills.

 All players will receive a Golden Boot Soccer t-shirt! It's our way of celebrating more than 20 years connecting players with the beautiful game.