Golden Boot Winter Soccer Programs

Training during the winter months is crucial for the development of youth soccer players. Players can use the off season to work on their individual skills and their tactical understanding of the game. Golden Boot offers a variety of soccer training programs over the winter. Each program is unique and covers specific concepts and skills. The programs give players an opportunity to refine existing skills and learn new ones in a warm and productive environment. We believe that our specially designed programs will give your son/daughter a competitive edge!

Winter Schedule will be posted by October 17.  Sessions will begin the first week of December.  Look for the following programs:

  • GBS Academy Training -Advanced Players - Monday, Wednesday & Thursday - Fairfax, VA (Gesher)
  • Player Development Bridge - Ages 6-8 (advanced 6 year olds only) Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays - Fairfax, VA (JCC)/ Wednesdays Springfield (South Run)
  • Player Development - Ages 9-12 Thursdays - Fairfax, VA (JCC)/Wednesdays Springfield (South Run)
  • Advanced Player Development  Ages 10-13 Sundays - Fairfax, VA (JCC)
  • Experts Workshop - Fridays - Fairfax, VA (JCC)
  • Lil' Boots - Saturdays - Fairfax, VA (JCC)/Wednesdays Springfield (South Run)
  • Advanced Lil' Boots - Ages 5-6 Saturdays - Fairfax, VA (JCC)/Wednesdays Springfield (South Run)
  • Footskills - Fridays, Saturdays - Fairfax, VA (JCC)
  • Motoric Coordination - Fridays, Saturdays - Fairfax, VA (JCC)
  • Art of Scoring Goals - Sundays - Fairfax, VA (Gesher)/Saturdays Fairfax, VA (JCC)
  • Performance Training - Sundays - Fairfax, VA (Gesher)
  • High School Prep - Sundays - Fairfax, VA (Gesher)
  • Goalkeeper Academy - Sundays - Fairfax, VA (Gesher)
  • Neuro Soccer - Tuesdays - Fairfax, VA (Gesher)

Celebrating 15 Years!

  • Cutting edge curriculum and modern training methods
  • Technical, tactical, physical and mental training
  • Our programs consist of 7-14 hours of training
  • High School groups are available
  • Advanced, intermediate and beginner groups
  • Individuals and Teams are welcome
  • Please bring a soccer ball, shin guards and indoor shoes or sneakers
  • Register and pay online or mail in a check
  • Discounts, coupons and scholarships are available.

Professional Soccer Trainers & Coaches Now Available!

Golden Boot Soccer has been training and coaching youth teams for the past 15 years. We have extensive experience in developing individual players and travel teams of all ages and levels. 

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