As the last line of defense and the first step to an effective attack, goalkeepers must possess a unique set of technical, mental, and physical skills compared to those of a field player.  The goalkeeper must be able to make split-second decisions that will affect the outcome of the game, while under pressure and evaluating multiple visual cues.  Because the margin of error is so thin, goalkeepers must have the mental constitution to handle this pressure and that constitution comes from quality training so the goalkeeper can feel confident in their abilities.

Golden Boot Soccer Goalkeeper Academy

GK - Reaction

  • The mechanics of catching the ball
  • Deflecting the ball around the goal
  • Footwork (allowing players to move their bodies to the proper position to receive the ball)
  • Proper positioning allowing the keeper to cover the largest portion of the goal possible
  • Diving
  • Properly distributing a ball after a save
  • Safety
  • Goal Kicks
  • Leadership Skills

For advanced Goal Keepers ages 11-17 playing on competitive travel teams, Golden Boot Soccer's new GK-Reaction program offers additional elements of cognitive training specifically designed to offer a mental challenge forcing their brains to adapt to multiple visual and auditory cues while executing techniques.  This results in quicker decision making and decreased reaction times.  

  • Interpreting visual and auditory cues
  • Sensory input
  • Kinesthesis
  • Muscle memory
  • Multiple Object Tracking
  • Judging speed and direction of the ball
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Multitasking

Cogno-Technical is a cognitive coaching technique that is added to the traditional emphasis on technical skills and physical fitness specifically designed for the competitive player.  Soccer is a cognitive sport so it is crucial for the advanced player to develop their brain as well as their body.  Cogno-Technical training techniques force the players' brains to constantly multitask so that in-game decision making can keep up with the pace of the game.  This allows players to develop technical skills and agility while also developing high levels of perception, peripheral sight and split vision to allow a player to continuously execute game time actions at very high speed. 

Travel players only. 

Cogno-Technical is designed with the competitive player in mind. The curriculum will cover higher level technical aspects of the game, assuming players already have mastery of basic age appropriate skills from their travel/club team training. This program is designed to provide flexibility for players who must prioritize their club team training.  Sign up for 1, 2 or 3 sessions a week, picking your primary night(s). If scheduling conflicts arise, simply switch nights on a particular week or permanently. 


Your child finished the fun introduction to the game of soccer in our Lil' Boots program and is ready to make the leap into the next level. However, getting to the next level is a gradual process. Exposing young players to activities and skills that are too advanced can be counter productive to their development and may even result in them quitting the game.

Young players ages 7-8 must go through an intermediate program that focuses on basic individual skills such as ball mastery and 1v1 moves.

Our new Player Development Bridge program is designed to do just that. It is the missing 'Bridge' between our LiL Boots program and the more advanced Player Development program and consists of age-appropriate activities that ensure a smooth transition to the next level. 

Positive Touch Soccer


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single dribble. Undeniably the most important skill of soccer is touch. Positive Touch help players master their “Touch” on the ball! With this kind of touch quality, there is no soccer skill a player cannot learn. Positive Touch lays the foundation to every dribbling move, every pass and kind of shot. The camp is designed to give players thousands of touches on the ball as well as to teach creative moves and footwork. Having a soft touch on the ball and quality dribbling skills will undoubtedly improve players’ confidence and make them better players.




The Player Development Training Program is designed for players who are interested in developing their individual skills and technical ability. The program gives players an opportunity to refine existing skills and to learn new ones. In addition to technical training, the program focuses on tactical understanding of the game, soccer intelligence and decision making under pressure.

Players learn through close interaction with professional trainers, instructional demonstrations, technical training, skill contests, drills and footwork training. Scrimmages and small side games give players an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in a creative setting.


The Golden Boot Award is the most prestigious goal scoring award. Although we cannot promise that our participants will all be recipients of the Golden Boot Award, we can ensure that they will improve their offensive skills and their ability to score goals.  The Art of Scoring Goals focuses on finishing and striking techniques and on how to create scoring opportunities. 

Players learn how to think as goal scorers and make smart decisions under pressure. The program teaches players individual offensive skills and how to play a significant role in their teams’ offensive play. Players apply the concepts learned in offensive games and exercises including scrimmages and mini tournaments. 

Bringing out your imagination and creativity in the free flowing game of street soccer...


Street Soccer is played worldwide by players of all ages and skill levels.  No rules, no pressure, just fun, nutmegs, rainbows, baits, trickery and a positive environment to see just how far your player can take their game. Street soccer uses creativity and a bit of deceit for dribbling and taking on opponents.  It allows players to find their unique style and creative way of solving problems and being successful on the field. This game is part of the culture and tradition of the countries viewed as developing the greatest players in the sport.  Make this part of the tradition for your child and allow some of their fondest youth soccer memories to come from moments they share on the field with other players.


Welcome to Golden Boot's Street Soccer.

Games will include:

§  * Pana / the nutmeg game

§  * Tricks/freestyle

§  * One vs. One games using different size balls

§  * Small sided games using different size goals (pugs goals, futsal goals, etc.)

§  * Round-Robin Futsal games

Cogno-Prep lays the foundation for Golden Boot Soccer's cognitive coaching method.  Cogno-Prep introduces visual and mental cues, timing and patterns, synchronization and multi-tasking to the traditional technical skills and physical fitness needed for young travel players.  Soccer is a cognitive sport so it is crucial for the players wishing to be competitive in the sport to develop their brain as well as their body.  

Cogno-Motoric (Ages 11 and up)

Travel players 6:00-7:00pm & Recreational players 7:00-8:00pm

Agility and coordination are the foundation of success in soccer.  Motoric Coordination from Golden Boot Soccer provides targeted training designed for learning, controlling and executing movements related to the game. Players develop the ability to learn and execute new techniques quickly, and adjust those techniques in an instant, allowing players to easily control their movements when they have to react quickly, under pressure from an opponent, or in tight situations.

Motoric Coordination from Golden Boot Soccer includes motor skills and coordination exercises with the soccer ball and other agility tools to create a motor system overload, allowing the young players nervous system to adjust and adapt to challenging environments. Our Motoric Coordination program is one part of an overall training program that includes Cogno-Technical Development for quick reactions and decision making as well as individual focus on advanced technical aspects of the game. These  programs combined have been carefully designed to develop the all-around soccer athlete with a noticeable advantage in skill, reaction time, decision making and execution.



Why should the kids have all the fun? Join us for Adult Soccer, designed with beginners and re-beginners in mind.

Based on demand, Golden Boot Soccer is now offering adult training sessions aimed at helping new players learn the game and helping experienced players train and improve overall soccer performance. Training sessions focus on individual offense, defense, and overall ball skills and incorporate scrimmages to work on game play and conditioning. Have fun and make new friends while improving your skills & fitness.

Players will improve core skills through the number of touches on the ball they will receive in each session. At the same time our experienced coaches will help adult players improve their soccer vision and game IQ.  Golden Boot Soccers adult training programs include specifically designed drills and small sided games that maximize participation regardless of natural ability.

The training environment improves soccer specific fitness while the constant improving technical and tactical skill. Technical & Tactical training, ball mastery and a small sided game-play environment will feed your enjoyment of the game, improve your contribution to your league play and improve your fitness.


Winter Indoor Adult Soccer

Saturdays  9:15-10:15 am  12/1-1/19 (skip 12/29)
 Jewish Community Center  $180 Click here to register
Saturdays  10:15-11:15 am  12/1-1/19 (skip 12/29)
 Jewish Community Center  $180 Click here to register

Custom classes on YOUR schedule

Got a busy preschooler or kindergartner, an address book of friends you never see, and a job, napping baby, and/or to-do list that doesn't seem to match up with any of the scheduled soccer programs you've seen? Golden Boot Soccer helps you create your own!

Our parent-organized Lil' Boots classes make it easy for everyone. You gather your friends, neighbors, classmates, etc. We provide a positive, engaged, kid-focused trainer at a regular place and time that works for everyone. Hold a class in a nearby park (we'll reserve it it), at your preschool, or even in your own backyard. Pick start dates, stop dates, and even skip dates that fit your calendar and your life.

Parent Organizers are the cornerstone of our Lil' Boots program.  Any parent who has a group of 7 or more players can organize a class at a day/time of their choosing and a field convenient for their group -- and your child plays for free!

  • Organizer chooses day, time, and location
  • Each session is 1 hour long
  • Free registration for the the organizer's child after 7 paid registrations! 

Call us at 703-287-0088 or email for more information or to get started

Lil' Boots players take the field



The Program Can Be Held At Golden Boot's Facilities Or At A Facility Of Your Choice

To help teams develop fully, it is crucial for them to have continuity, as well as quality in their training year round. The program can be run at one of our existing locations or at a facility of your choice. Please contact us for a customized proposal.  Cogno Team Training is a comprehensive program that will give your team a competitive edge!  Contact for more information.

Are you looking to outshine all of your competition at High School soccer tryouts?Undoubtedly, high school tryouts are always a high pressure situation.  With preparation, you can take all of the pressure off your shoulders, and go into your tryouts confident, focused, and prepared.  Through repetition and hardwork, Golden Boot Soccer’s high school prep program is designed to give every player the work ethic and technical ability required to perform to the best of their ability at the high school level.

Golden Boot will help your athlete: 

  • Be in peak shape entering the upcoming high school season.  (Coaches do not take players that are out of shape seriously. Being “fit” is half the battle for a good tryout.)
  • Improve and/or refine your technical skills. (Whether dribbling, passing, or shooting, our aim is to help every player perform as good or better than their competition.)
  • Stand out to impress the coaches. (Coaches are always looking for that “diamond in the rough.” Whether it’s scoring goals, making great passes, or being a standout defender, all can contribute to a great tryout.)

High School Prep is designed to allow your child to refine all of the technical skills (dribbling, passing, and shooting) that are needed to play at the high school level.  Also, players will go through rigorous conditioning (agility, speed, and endurance) to get them into peak shape entering their tryout.

Invite Only.  Players ages 13-17 currently rostered on a D1 WAGS or NCSL team, Boys Academy, ECNL or Region 1 team may participate without an invite.  Please contact Christine Flores at with your players name, age and team name for more information.

Cognitive Training for Goalies focusing on Reaction Time

GK-Reaction is just one of a line-up of Golden Boot Soccer's new cognitive athletic training programs.  A goalies ability to divide their visual attention and track multiple objects is a skill and a requirement for elite athletes.  The better a goalie can track multiple quick and complicated movements simultaneously, the lower their reaction will become and the faster their decision making.

GK-Reaction is a unique training program that focuses primarily on helping players improve reaction time by teaching keepers to execute complex movements while increasing their perceptual-cognitive abilities with vision perception training.  This is accomplished in drill or game style scenarios with an added cognitive challenge.

In a sport where split second timing can make all the difference, exceptional visual skills are a must.  Because of this, cognitive training for enhanced visual processing is the key factor that allows good athletes to become exceptional.

If you could train yourself to react and make decisions faster, why wouldn't you?